Points Calculation

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The club awards trophies annually which have been kindly donated by its members for points gained during the year. The trophies currently presented are;

TROPHY NAME                                                 AWARDED TO

The Herlinga Trophy                             Top Working HWVThe HWV gaining most working points

Donated by: Ms T Rickman

The Lanspar Trophy                              Top Show AdultThe HWV gaining most adult points at

Donated by: Mr & Mrs T Pearson              Championship and Open shows

The Heronwire Trophy                          Top Open Show Adult- The HWV gaining most adult points at

Donated by: Mrs S Hemmings                   Open shows only and NOT been awarded any points at a Championship

                                                               show during the same year.

The Wearvale Trophy                            Top Adult Show BitchThe female HWV gaining most  at

Donated by Mr & Mrs  R McMaster            Championship and Open shows

The Haunsberg Bronze                          Top Adult Show DogThe male HWV gaining most points at

Donated by: Mr & Mrs S Newman-Jones     Championship and Open shows

The Krugerand Trophy                           Top Show Puppy The HWV gaining most puppy points at

Donated by: The late Mrs D Packham         at Championship and Open shows

The trophies are presented each year at the AGM

Award Certificates will be issued for the top 3 HWV’s for each trophy so please enter your dogs points even if you have only attended a few shows during the year.

To Submit your points please send the completed forms to:

Terry A. Pearson

16 Front Street

Rookhope In Weardale

Co Durham DL13 2AY