The Breed



The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is a relatively new breed, created in the early 1900’s. Developed by Gamekeepers who wanted a good working dog with a more serviceable coat than the smooth vizsla. There are several breeds of continental dogs attributed to the creation of what is today’s HWV, including the GWP and Pudelpointer.

Sheila Gray and Anna Coombe imported a pair of HWV’s in the early 90’s and under the Shannamaya affix they produced the first litter born in the UK.



The HWV is a medium sized dog with an honest, easy going and relaxed nature generally; however there are exceptions as with all breeds. They can be hesitant with strangers at first, often making friends after a short time of contemplation. You will then have a loyal friend for life.

HWV’s usually need minimal training for the house, and their natural ability in the field makes them a popular choice for the rough shooter. They are slightly quicker to mature than their smooth cousin – normally to become a reliable working dog between the ages of 2 to 3.

A sensitive breed which will fall apart if handled harshly, but given basic training and kind handling, can work proficiently and faithfully in many gundog disciplines as well as Agility, Working Trials and Falconry.



HWV’s can be long living – sometimes to 13 or 14 years old, and often appear to be a young dog until about 10! There have been cases of Hip Dysplasia and therefore all breeding stock should be tested prior to mating. The breed has had cases of Epilepsy, Entropian and Ectropian and sensitive skin.



If you are thinking about acquiring a HWV puppy then it is advisable to choose your breeder carefully, finding one who will be offer you help and advice (if you need it) throughout the puppy’s life. Visit the breeder before the puppies are born if possible and get to know the dam and sire. Expect to be thoroughly questioned by the breeder; he/she will want to know all about you, your family and your lifestyle. Finding loving permanent homes for the next 12+ years are important and they will want to make sure that you are their ideal new puppy owner.