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The Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Club of Great Britain

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"To Serve the Breed"

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Events 2015

Forthcoming Events

Experience Days, 24th & 25th September in Lancashire   Contact the Working Secretary for more details.

Previous Events

Grouse Pointing Test 15th March 2015 at Danby Moor, North Yorkshire. 

Click here for March 2015 Report

Pointing Hare and Experience Days

The Club held several Pointing and Hare Experience Days this Spring.  These days were held at Knettishall, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border on a variety of crops giving each handler and dog the opportunity to be able to hunt open fields and point all types of lowland game. 

Open Show 12th April 2015

Click here for Open Show 2015 Results

Spring Pointing Test held at Knettishall on 29th April 2015

Graded "Very Good" - Adrian Blackledge's HWB Junior bitch Hawkstalon Aberfeldy at Turtonmoor

Graded "Good" - Lucie Hustler's GSP Junior bitch Aytee Juniper

Gundog Training days - May 2015

Geoff Saint held a series of One-to-One training sessions for members at Bridgham, Norfolk over 3 days.  Always popular, there will be another opportunity for members to book with Geoff later this year. Details will be emailed to all members asap.

Grouse Pointing Test July 2015

The following Junior dogs were graded;

HWV, Lyharr Flavio Akos for Bonisla, Emma Heslop, graded Good.

HWV, Hawkstalon Aberfeldy at Turtonmoor, Adrian Blackledge, graded Good.

LM, Ekkolander Tullibardine, Karen Saynor, graded Very Good.

HWV, Ivan du Domaine Saint Hubert, Adrain Blackledge, graded Very Good.

GSP, Questor Alder, Janice Hawkes, graded Very Good.

HWV, Zoldmali Alom for Morganna, Rachel Newman, graded Good.

HWV, Ambermoore Ruby Two Shoes, Marc Harvey, graded Good

Judges Maureen Nixon & Roy Bebbington

Judges critique to follow. 

Thanks to Pip Williams for the photograph.

Gundog Working Test, 12th September, Bridgham, Norfolk.

Puppy Test - Judge: Suzi Burton

1st Witham Friary Tallahassee - Gill Pillinger GSP
2nd Withan Friary Tullsa - Gill Pillinger GSP
3rd Tickencote Locomaotion - Rita Howard GWP
4th Artian Amethyst - Jo Gosling GSP
COM - Falcongreen Kizsca - Debra Revell HWV

Novice - Judges: Andrew McDonald & Jean Robertson

1st Witham Friary Tallahassee - Gill Pillinger GSP
2nd Witham Friary Tullsa - Gill Pillinger GSP
3rd Withan Friary Echo - Jo Gosling GSP
4th Sanjika Beretta - Tom Warner IS
COM Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa HWV

Open - Judge: Paul Macdonald

1st Warrendown Milo - Chris Drabble GSP
2nd Swifthouse Hambledon - Jennifer Hurley GSP
3rd Hawkstalon Aberfeldy at Turtonmoor - Adrian Blackledge HWV
4th Tickencote Manhattan - Rita Howard GWP

Water Judge - Annie Jones

Photographs of HWVCGB members who received their trophies from Richard Wright the host of the GWT.