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Events 2009

28th March 2009

Grouse Pointing Test – Judges; Mr John Naylor & Mr Nigel Dear

The Barningham Estate, North Yorkshire

Gonegos Spanish Caravan - HWV - Bitch - Junior - Alan McDowall - Very Good

Travaillant Beersheba - HWV - Bitch - Glenn Richardson - Good

Kenmillix Eilethyia - HWV - Bitch - Phil Robinson - Good

Misty Kara of Traviallant - HWV - Bitch - Roy Bebbington - Good

Gonegos Kozen - HWV - Dog - Phil Robinson - Good


Strong, very cold wind predominantly out of the North, occasional rain and snow showers throughout the day. The quite extreme weather made any kind of work a difficult business and it is a credit to all the participating dogs that they were able to demonstrate good work, some outstanding. As usual, there were a number of talented dogs whose luck on the day was not with them. We were delighted to be able to grade the following:

Gonegos Spanish Caravan handled by Alan McDowall - Junior HWV Bitch

Fast paced, enthusiastic style impressed from the start coming quickly onto point and flushing a single grouse. Indicated and drew onto 2 further birds which flushed before the dog was able to firm up its point. Graded: Very Good

Travaillant Beersheba handled by Glenn Richardson - Adult HWV Bitch

Good ground treatment with medium pace with occasional back cast. Came onto point which proved unproductive. Working on indicated and drew onto a single grouse, dog steady. Graded: Good.

Kenmillix Eilethyia handled by Phil Robinson -Adult HWV Bitch

This dog's first run showed somewhat erratic ground treatment with occasional bursts of enthusiasm. Its second run was with much more drive, almost a different dog. Indicated and drew forward with careful purpose to firm up its point, producing a single grouse. Graded: Good

Misty Kara of Travaillant handled by Roy Bebbington - Adult HWV Bitch

Coming onto point very early into its run a single grouse was produced. Working on, the dog exhibited an interrupted pattern, seemingly often distracted by scent we would have preferred to see it running more freely. Graded: Good

Gonegos Kozen handled by Phil Robinson - HWV Dog

Quickly onto scent, it drew forward sight pointing a walking grouse, but drawn also onto a second bird which flushed. Dog steady. Working on, the dog was almost immediately drawn onto a third bird which it pointed. As we hadn't been able to see the dog run, its beat was changed where it showed pace and good ground treatment. Graded: Good.

I would like to thank the HWV Club of GB for inviting me to judge and Mr Roy Burrows, the keeper, for looking after us so well. Nigel Dear

4th April 2009

Pointing and Hare Training Day – Taken by Mrs Susie Zarpanely & Mrs Liza Brown ( 2 groups )

Knettishall, Suffolk

12th April 2009

Pointing and Hare Training Day – Taken by Mrs Liza Brown

Knettishall, Suffolk

26th April 2009

Spring Pointing Test – Judges; Mr Keith Scattergood & Mrs Liza Brown

Knettishall, Suffolk

There was an abundance of game as usual which meant that all the dogs each had game on their run. The scenting conditions were testing due to the lack of rain and warm temperatures on the day. However the judges graded 5 dogs on the day (out of a total entry of 18)

Graded "Very Good" were Jean Robertson with Greenwire Lenci HV - junior.

Penny Easy with Boss Fino HV - adult

Graded "Good" were Steve Watson with Hapseve Dazzler HV - adult,

Andrew McDonald with Ch Bitcon Gold Coast at Northey JW HV - adult

Sue Harris with Szajani Komika HV - adult.

9th May 2009

HPR Retrieving Training Day – Taken by Mr Nick Eaglen

West Harling, Norfolk

Ring Craft Training Day 31st May 2009

A Ring Craft Training Day was held at Holmside Equestrian Centre, near Durham on Sunday 31st May 2009. The breeds present were Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla, Hungarian Vizsla, German Shorthaired Pointer, Bracco Italiano, Dalmatian and Border Terrier - a total of 18 dogs and their handlers.

Picnic in the Park - 27th September 2009

A very large gathering of HWV (plus HV, Cairn Terriers and Irish Setters!) and their handlers enjoyed a wonderful warm day at Clumber Park. After a picnic lunch everyone had a long walk in the park, followed by afternoon tea. Many thanks to everyone who attended.

Ring Craft Training Day 04th October 2009

A second Ring Craft Training Day was held at Marks Tey Parish Hall, near Colchester. The breeds present were Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla, Labradors, Spanish Water Dogs, Dachshunds, Giant Schnauzer and Bernese Mountain Dogs. A fantastic day was had by all.

23rd Dec 2009

Shot-over Training Day – Mrs Liza Brown

The Hockham Estate, Norfolk

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"To Serve the Breed"