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The Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Club of Great Britain

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"To Serve the Breed"

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"To Serve the Breed"

Events 2007

Inaugural Event October 2007

The club held an event which included presentations on the breed, breed history and a presentation by EUKANUBA on Canine Nutrition.

Following the presentation a breed match was held - The HWV's versus Any Variety - Judge Penny Williams (Bournehouse)

Results of the Breed Match

Best Puppy - Lanspar Sazsalikom (HWV)

Best Adult - Leiborschy Ulsan von Haunsperg Sh CM (HWV)

Best Veteran - Greenwire Brandy Fizz at Herlinga (HWV)

BEST IN MATCH - Leiborschy Ulsan von Haunsperg Sh CM (HWV)

5th December 2007

Field Trial Training Day – Taken by Mrs Jean Robertson

Knettishall, Suffolk.

Awards at the FT Training Day

Dog of the Day - Ch Freddy vom Kapellenhof at Bareve (GWP)

Guns Award - Bitcon Gold Coast at Northey (HV)